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About Barut Goia

Choose from three different concepts, prepared with special privileges for you.

Discover All Details About Barut Goia For The Perfect Holiday Here

Welcome to Barut Goia, where sun-drenched shores and endless relaxation await you and your loved ones. Situated on the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea, our hotel offers the ideal setting for an unforgettable holiday and accommodation experience.

As soon as you step onto the sandy beach, you will enjoy the natural beauty surrounding our hotel. With crystal clear turquoise waters and the warm Mediterranean sun, Barut Goia invites you to unwind and soak up the sun. Relax on cosy sun loungers, take refreshing dips in the sea or walk along the shore feeling the soft sand between your toes.

Discover the comfort of Barut Hotels in our beautifuly designed rooms. From spacious rooms to family-friendly suites, each space at Barut Goia is elegantly furnished with modern amenities and stylish décor. Offering spectacular views of the sea or lush gardens, the spacious rooms will maximise the comfort of your holiday.

In our modern restaurants and a'la cartes, you will encounter many flavours that appeal to your taste buds. From theme nights featuring world cuisine to unique flavours prepared by our expert chefs using locally sourced ingredients, you are invited to an indulgent feast of flavours. Whether it's world-renowned Turkish cuisine, Mediterranean delicacies or international favourites, our restaurants cater to all tastes and diets, all accompanied by over half a century of outstanding Barut Service Quality.

Take part in a range of exciting activities and entertainment options during your stay. Take a dip in our sparkling pools, take part in beach volleyball matches or simply relax to the fullest. For our younger guests, our slides and kids club offer a world of fun and creativity.

Pamper yourself in our spa and wellness centre, where relaxation and serenity come to the fore. Unwind with a delightful massage, pamper yourself with a rejuvenating facial or rejuvenate in the Turkish bath. If you don't want to be without sports on holiday, be sure to visit our fitness centre equipped with the latest equipment.

At Barut Goia, we are committed to environmental sustainability. We implement environmentally friendly practices, including energy-saving initiatives and waste reduction programmes to reduce our ecological footprint. By choosing to stay with us, you are contributing to our ongoing efforts to protect and preserve the natural beauty of our environment.

Located a few kilometres from the ancient city of Side, Barut Goia is an exciting hotel for solo travellers and those looking for the right address for a family holiday, friends holiday, honeymoon holiday. Whether you are looking for tranquillity, adventure or just a moment of pure relaxation, our hotel offers a unique atmosphere of intimacy where every moment is tailored to your wishes.

Book your stay today and start creating memories that will last a lifetime.




Room + Breakfast

If you prefer the room + breakfast concept, you can enjoy breakfast with your family, at our hotel's rich breakfast buffet.


Featuring an open buffet service in the morning and evening, this concept is an ideal option for guests who wish to relax and enjoy the holiday.

Ultra-All-Inclusive Concept

The ultra-all-inclusive concept features delicious meals. Open buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served. In addition, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and snacks are available at specified times.

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