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Frequently Asked Questions

In April 2024, many innovations and unchanging Barut Hotels service quality will be with you at Barut GOIA.


In April 2024, many innovations and unchanging Barut Hotels service quality will be with you at Barut GOIA. Especially if you have stayed in our hotel before and are a regular guest we think that you are wondering what the differences will be. With our new name, which means fun and joy, we are preparing to offer you many innovations, comfortable and spacious room categories, and stylish spaces.
We will continue to host you and your loved ones with the same team, our colleagues you recognize, and our Barut Hotels service quality.

What differences will we see from the Sunwing concept we are used to?
The Sunwing concept that our guests were used to was already a family concept. Our guests coming to Goia were traveling from their homes in their countries to a homely hotel in Turkiye.
Barut GOIA will continue to be your home, but now it will be more stylish, more comfortable, and more "cheerful", accompanied by the unchanging Barut Hotels service quality.

How many concepts will be served?
Barut GOIA will serve in ultra-all-inclusive, half-board, and bed and breakfast concepts.

Will there be a decrease or increase in the number of rooms? 
The number of rooms will remain the same.

What kind of innovations will Barut GOIA offer?
Barut GOIA will become more dynamic and modern with new room types, completely renovated restaurants, show areas, and bars. All rooms will be completely new.

What will be the new room types?
In addition to Deluxe sea and land view rooms, Deluxe Suite Swim-up, Deluxe Suite with Relax Terrace Garden, Deluxe Suite with Poolside Terrace, and Penthouse Suite with  Jacuzzi Direct Sea view will be our new room categories. 

What will be the room sizes?
Room sizes will be between 45 square meters and 85 square meters, including terraces and balconies. 

How many pools are there in the hotel?
There are 7 pools in our hotel.

Will the number of water slides be increased?
Yes, we will increase the number of water slides, there will be 4 water slides in the main pool area.

In which section will the swim-up rooms be located? 
Swim-up rooms will be located in the quietest spots in both parts of our hotel consisting of two sections.

What kind of innovations will be made in bars and restaurants?
The bars and restaurants will have a new face and dynamic colors with special presentations, and stylish, modern, and comfortable furniture.

What are the innovations for entertainment and shows?
You will have fun with daytime games, sports, and entertainment activities that will appeal to all family members; different show groups, and live music events for every evening.  

Will the rooms with the kitchen be removed? How many rooms will have kitchens?
Kitchens will be removed from most of our rooms, we will have a total of 24 rooms with kitchens.

Will the kitchen equipment change?
Kitchen equipment will not change, the existing ones will be preserved.

Will there be changes in the shopping facilities in the hotel?
The shopping facilities of our hotel will not change. The charge card system will continue.

Will there be any changes in SPA and wellness facilities?
There will be no change in the spa and wellness facilities of our hotel.

Will room service be available?
Yes, food and beverages from the room service menu will be available. 

Will yoga, pilates, and other fitness classes continue?
Yes, all the facilities you are used to will be maintained in the same way.

Will courtesy room and self-laundry services continue?
Courtesy rooms and self-laundry facilities will continue to be offered in the same way.


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